Vipassana is amazing. It helps one to connect to inner realities.

It is so crucial to understand inner realities if one wants to lead happy life. Generally state of mind is associated with experiences we feel on sense doors. If we are experiencing pleasant ones we think we are happy and vice versa.

Is it really good state? Do we have full control on what is going to land on our sense doors?

Well, there are thousands of books talking on this subject and thousands of philosophies describing why it is not recommended to develop attachment towards pleasures since they ultimately disappear and lead to misery.  No pleasure is going to last forever. Still one continues to get attached to people, objects, status and what not.

Is there way to experience this nature of transience? Is there way where one can investigate nature of experiences on sense doors and how mind gets attached? Is there way to investigate – if in the middle of experiences when one is  either rejoicing or miserable –  it is possible to standout and free the mind?

Sounds really tough right? But just like any other art / faculty there is way to cultivate this quality of mind. Quality of being aware of present moment. Quality of being fully aware of inner phenomenon moment to moment. Quality of investigating inner world and choose to remain unaffected in the middle of storms. This is what is Vipassana.

Vipassana does not expect one to get converted to any religion. It is pure science of mind and matter. Feelings and reactions. Does not expect one to be dependent on a Guru. It helps to be independent. Though it was discovered by Buddha – great scientist  from India – he was never interested in building any religion. His sole purpose was to discover the truth within and distribute it freely.  He did that in his lifetime.

Fortunately his core teaching is being persevered across 26 centuries and now being taught free of cost at Vipassana centers across world. (

One needs to invest 10 days of life to  experience what it is.  It is really worth if one can find those 10 days. 10 Days is nothing against what we learn and how it gives immense benefit throughout life to keep us moving steadily towards more and more EQANIMITY or HAPPINESS. Yes these words are synonyms. Real happiness starts dawning upon as we stop rejoicing/attaching to transient sense experiences.

Again this is something to experience rather than talking about. Try it !